Speziale Wine Resort - Ospitalità a Verduno - Langhe

Welcome to the heart of the Langhe, to Verduno! Welcome to our exclusive hotel, a very special place, a shared dream.

A dedication to the spicy elegance of Verduno’s wines. A place rich in artistic charm and sensory emotions where we will be delighted to welcome you.

The closure of a circle opened almost 200 years ago – in around 1830 – with the birth of the Fratelli Alessandria winery, which represents the intrinsic mission of a winemaker: that of fully expressing a terroir’s beauty and unique qualities.

“Speziale” because we have always believed in the wines that are local to the area and Speziale is the name we have given to our Verduno Pelaverga.
“Speziale” because it is special to us and to our guests.
“Speziale” because it represents the spicy elegance of Verduno… You will be immersed in an elegant world of spices and aromatic herbs, steeped in the aromas that can be found in the elegant wines of our territory.

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